Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, AKA Pen test is very essential to ensure that Systems are in check. This is not a Vulnerability assessment but a test for Vulnerabilities exposing gaps and risks in any form of technology from device, network, applications and Mobile. OPERATION TECHNOLOGY ( OT) has often lot of gaps in security and can be Identified only by Pentesting.
Pen Test is to gain assurance and be confident about information security.

External Network Penetration Testing

We simulate real-world incidents to provide a point-in-time evaluation of vulnerabilities and threats to your external network infrastructure.

Wireless Network Penetration Testing

Our wireless assessment methodology simulates real-world attacks to provide an assessment of vulnerabilities and threats to your wireless network.

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

We carry out an in-depth survey of a business employee to gauge how well they understand the business’s information security policies and practices. 

Penetration Testing – Service Areas

The different types of Penetration Testing we currently provide include:

Internal Network Penetration Testing

We help businesses mitigate any risk due to internal threats against their corporate network.

Web Application Penetration Testing

We examine prospective threats and vulnerabilities caused by the many web-based applications in use throughout your business enterprise.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

We go beyond external, internal, wireless, and Web vulnerabilities to assess the risk of the application on a mobile platform.

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With TEKYBEAR Penetration Testing, you can:

Our expert team, armed with the latest tools and industry-specific knowledge, is geared to deliver a COMPREHENSIVE checkup to system vulnerabilities, as well as risks in APPLICATIONS & NETWORKS.

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