It’s just a matter
of time.

TekyBear is here to PROTECTDEFENDRESPOND and ASSESS your Cybersecurity practice by providing cutting edge solutions with expert advice, by using advanced methods and technologies.  We specialize in RISK MITIGATION that reduce the impact of BREACHES.


With decades of Expertise in crafting INFORMATION SECURITY solutions, technology enablement, compliance practices. We are your “Knowledge and Support” partner for Cybersecurity.


TEKYBEAR follows the CIA triad in practicing Security solution with paramount of Integrity. Our commitment to customer data privacy and confidentiality remains intact all through.


Business means value in returns and at TEKYBEAR we understand the same with sensitivity. Our SECURITY Value practices are both returns and rewards to our stakeholders.


TEKYBEAR adopts NIST practices and standards

85% of your traffic is in the cloud.

Shouldn’t your SECURITY be, too?

Cyber Security is a multifaceted complex phenomenon.
Harnessing the power of latest security trends, TEKYBEAR helps you reduce risk across your entire connected environment, so your data and information is secured

Whether you need to identify VULNERABILITIES, MONITOR MALICIOUS BEHAVIOUR PATTERNS, OR MANAGE YOUR PRACTICE, we have comprehensive and custom solutions, team and expert guidance..

Demanding business growth mandates increasing need for optimized SECURITY Solutions

With TEKYBEAR advanced and creative custom Cybersecurity practices and solutions combined with regulatory and compliance standards of Practice it is evident that we are your ONE-STOP SHOP

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